Hi, I'm Lizzy. I am a 21 year old college student at Texas State University. I'm a tall girl (5'11/180cm) trying to get into a healthy weight range. I also hope to gain more confidence along the way. I created this blog to stay motivated, while motivating others. Message me anytime! :)
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I just need to address the stupidity of a comment I just read. Just because My arms aren’t dainty and cute and delicate and feminine and my shoulders aren’t made of flowers and glass absolutely DOES NOT mean that I can’t be attractive or that men don’t find me attractive bc I’m pretty darn good at being girly too. Not to mention that none of this journey or my goal aesthetic has one damn thing to do with making a man love me or meeting a standard of what the male race finds attractive. Lifting has given me the opportunity to recover and focus on an achievable goal for my body and I refuse to let any male (or female) ideal take that from me. So brb while I hulk outta all my clothes bc wow so unfeminine, such mass.

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And they should be treated like serious problems, because mental illnesses won’t just “go away” without proper help.

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This is for every and any person who has made the mistake of equating his/her self-worth with the number on the scale. :)